Papa Grace People

Papa Grace People

Jennifer Goddard
Founder and Principal

Papa Grace’s founder, Jennifer Ife Oshun Goddard, is a multimedia content veteran and author whose 15+ years of expertise spans multiple channels including:

  • entertainment
  • academia
  • technology
  • digital agencies
  • small businesses
  • niche start-ups

The Rhode Island School of Design graduate studied English and Theater Arts at Brown University.

With years of experience as a journalist, her experience is firmly rooted in editorial excellence. She worked as a content strategist at advertising agencies for clients such as Sprint, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Biogen and Athena and companies such as MIT Lincoln Labs. As a writer, she has worked for decades under the shortened name Ife Oshun first as a journalist interviewing music celebrities such as Russell Simmons and at start up online operations such as where she was Editor-In-Chief. She spent six years with where she originated and built the content side of their rap site which went on to become one of the top sites in the network and generated weekly traffic in the millions.

She also has a background in television production through contract production, writing and marketing work for studios such as MGM, FOX, Paramount and Tyler Perry Studios and her own independent company Oshun55 Productions. Her wide-ranging multi-media expertise gives her the ability to collaborate with video editors, designers, writers and developers, and a keen understanding of how to create and deliver high quality content.

As a writer, she has worked in various mediums and continues to write creatively as author of the young adult series of books called the Angelica Brown Series. More information about her creative writing accomplishments can be found on


Sandy Catlin

Sandy Catlin holds a BS in Communication from BU. She loves working with people and at any given time can be found on various social media platforms. She enjoys indoor rock climbing, wine tasting and yoga.

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