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Content Strategy and Content Marketing Consultation

Content Strategy and Content Marketing Consultation

What does a Papa Grace consultation look and feel like? Although no two consultations are the same, all consist of the same process:

Content Strategy and Content Marketing Consultation

Content Strategy and Content Marketing Consultation

  1. Discovery
  2. Refinement/Execution
  3. Ongoing Management

Depending on your organization’s unique needs, a consultation includes an inventory and audit of any combination of the following:

  • Website(s)
  • Social Media presence
  • Content Distribution
  • Online reputation
  • Competitive analysis

This leads us to recommendations for the second phase where we synthesize all the data, assessments and insights we gather, and formulate a solid strategy that will serve as a platform from which to move forward.


This is where the sleeves get rolled up and the rubber hits the proverbial road. After building a solid strategy, we will drive it for you. Some examples of how we do this include:

  • creating and/or refining your content calendar
  • defining a short and long-term content strategy that will form the foundation of your organization’s content creation, social media efforts and content management operations
  • refining your social media presence and creating or optimizing your team’s individual user profiles among the various social media platforms
  • creating/overseeing the creation of content aligned with your organization’s unique goals and audience needs such as blog posts, white papers, infographics, video, tweets, posts, graphics, and more.
  • instructing your team on how to correctly execute social media maximization tactics
  • training your team on how to staff and/or partner with the proper resources to fill your organization’s needs
  • much more

The next step is taking our day-to-day work into the future through consistent management.

Ongoing Management

Services we offer from this point moving forward facilitate the day-to-day work and execution of long-term strategy. Some examples of how we do this include:

  • Monitoring analytics
  • ongoing refinement of strategy
  • content management
  • training new team members
  • documentation of ongoing and best practices
  • much more

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Content Strategy and Content Marketing Consultation

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