Author Beware: The Dangers of So-called Free Website Builders for Your Growing Business

Author Beware Title little dramatic? Maybe. But if you’ve ever been in a situation that entailed losing all blog posts, comments, links and everything else that comprises your beloved website, maybe it isn’t dramatic enough. How’s this? AUTHOR BEWARE Dramatic enough? Let me explain. I help authors with content marketing, strategy for websites, etc., and […]

Author Beware

If Content is Queen, Information Architecture is the Throne

Content Strategy and Content Marketing Consultation

Content Strategy and Content Marketing Consultation What does a Papa Grace consultation look and feel like? Although no two consultations are the same, all consist of the same process: Discovery Refinement/Execution Ongoing Management Discovery Depending on your organization’s unique needs, a consultation includes an inventory and audit of any combination of the following: Website(s) Social […]

About Papa Grace

Papa Grace focuses on providing quality content strategy solutions for businesses, organizations and sole proprietors. Founded by Jennifer Goddard, a content veteran who has worked with companies such as,, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, and more, Papa Grace offers strategy based on Ms. Goddard’s fifteen+ years of expertise across multiple channels including entertainment, academia, small […]